Joan Donohue                   

Spiritual Medium/Energy Healer

                                                "Spirit Gatherings"

During these events Joan connects with those in spirit as she looks to provide an insightful experience of Spirit Communication.

The intent is to help people reconnect and develop their own spiritual gifts through information & messages received from deceased loved ones, Spirit Guides and the Angels who wish to assist us on our journey.

These events are often fun, educational & healing for all who attend.  It is only asked that you be open to the experience of Spirit Communication as this will make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Public Spirit Gatherings

Groups of 20-50 people gather at a public venue to experience Spirit Communication together. 


Although not everyone will receive a personal Reading, being present during these connections will be inspiring and uplifting for all who attend.

Duration:   Approximately 90 Minutes 

Fee:          Varies - based on size, location, venue, etc.

Home Spirit Gatherings

Due to schedule changes, Home Spirit Gatherings are not being offered at this time.

To inquire about scheduling a Public Spirit Gathering, please fill out the Contact Form at Book an Appointment