Joan Donohue                   

Spiritual Medium/Energy Healer

Private Spirit Gatherings

As requested...happy to announce this New Service beginning in April 2019!

These intimate Gatherings are wonderful opportunities for Family & Friends to sit together to share in the experience of connecting with their Loved Ones in the Spirit world. 


Private Gatherings are for up to 10 people only and last approximately 90 minutes, the Fee is $500.

 Gatherings will be offered on Tuesday evenings at Crystal Lotus Meditation & Wellness Center in Manasquan NJ.  

Joan's intention is to make several connections during this Group Reading but there are no guarantees everyone will receive a personal message.  Joan does not control who comes through, it is up to those in the Spirit world to decide who will communicate during all Readings. 

These events are often fun, educational & healing for all who attend.  

For the best possible experience there are only a few requests:  

Everyone arrives at least 15 minutes early, no admittance once we begin.

 No Alcohol consumption before the Gathering.

 Children over age 14 can attend. 

No recording of any kind.

All are welcome, remaining open to the experience of Spirit Communication 

will make it more enjoyable for everyone. 

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required at time of Booking. 

 The person booking the event is responsible for the Full balance 

whether or not their entire group attends the Gathering.  

Depending on response, additional times for this service may be offered in the future.

CLICK HERE to Book a Private Gathering.   

Public Spirit Gatherings

To inquire about scheduling a Public Spirit Gathering, please fill out the Contact Form.